bathroom finishes

Top 4 Bathroom Finishes to Consider for Your Home

bathroom finishes

Your reasons for remodeling your bathroom are just as unique as your preference for bathroom fixture finishes. So, despite why you’re putting in a new shower head or faucet for your bathroom sink, you’ll want an aesthetically pleasing layout that you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

At Assurance Builders, Inc., Tucson’s reliable bathroom remodelers know how to complement the style of your bathroom, so a gorgeous design is a given every time. To help, we’ve listed our four most popular bathroom finishes below to help you better grasp your dream design.

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome is the most classic of all bathroom finishes found in a majority of residential and commercial bathrooms throughout Tuscon and other parts of the US. The main reasons for this are its versatile silver look that’s easy to pair with any bathroom design and its economical price point for installation. 

Also, polished chrome doesn’t rust. Therefore, maintenance primarily consists of the occasional soap and water rinse and microfiber cloth wipe down to rid the surface of fingerprints, stray dust particles, and water spots.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

For something less traditional, oil-rubbed bronze bathroom finishes offer a savory deep gray, brown, or black color, ideal for Old World or rustic abodes. The darker copper-looking color stems from a bronze or mineral oil that the manufacturer rubs on the once shiny surface, chemically oxidizing it. 

Unfortunately, this earthy finish is harder to find, but if you contact the long-time experts at Assurance Builders, Inc., we’ll find the appropriate material selection for the job.

Matte Black

Compared to oil-rubbed bronze, matte black bathroom finishes have a rich, charcoal black color. This non-glossy finish usually lays on top of an iron, brass, or steel product, creating a show-stopping accent on your sink, shower, or toilet with its unconventional color. Its sleek look also complements rustic traditional abodes and contrasts nicely against lighter hues for a modern design. 

What’s more, unlike with metallic finishes, fingerprints and smears are not an issue. The black tint also conceals watermarks and other imperfections, making them near invisible and contributing to less upkeep.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel bathroom finishes look like a mix between classic polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. While polished nickel mirrors the shininess of chrome, the color is slightly more earth-toned with a brown or golden tint. Brushed nickel softens the reflectiveness of the finish, leaning more toward the semi-glossy oil-rubbed bronze finish. 

However, brushed nickel stands out from the two in longevity. Unfortunately, it’s also more costly than polished chrome and may look inconspicuous against similar colors like stainless steel.

Trust the Qualified Tuscon, AZ, Bathroom Remodeling Experts

The right bathroom finishes easily add to your home’s elegance, longevity, and property value. That’s why when you’re ready to install or replace your bathroom fixtures, you should rely on a trained team with almost 25 years of experience. 

Call on Assurance Builders Inc. at 520-546-9752 to find the best bathroom finishes for your home and learn more about the ROI of various home improvements today!