exterior house remodel

Eight Best Exterior House Remodel Ideas for this Summer

This summer, consider tackling some home improvement projects. It’s the perfect time to update your property with an exterior house remodel. Regardless of your home style, you can find inspiration here to help you along the way.

Do you require professional help? You can rely on the experts for remodeling in Tucson by Assurance Builders. The following exterior remodeling ideas can help boost your home’s curb appeal. 

exterior house remodel

1. Replace the Roof

Replacing the roof provides the best exterior renovation value based on remodeling trends. For example, if you spend $7,500 on a new roof, you could gain a value of $8,000 at resale. On average, homeowners can recover 107% of the initial cost.

2. New Garage Door

How often do you check your garage door? The garage area takes up around 30% of your exterior space, making garage doors one of the most prominent features of your home. Garage door replacement has a high return on investment (ROI), making it the second-best exterior renovation project. 

3. Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint can make a big difference to your home’s appearance and value. Make your home look more inviting by painting the exterior using warm colors. Before choosing a color palette, consider the accent and trim colors. 

4. Refresh the Front Door

Even if you spend a lot of time mowing the lawn, your home’s curb appeal won’t improve much if the front door looks outdated. A front door with cracks or dents looks unappealing and can allow drafts to enter the home. Consider replacing your front door for a trendy exterior house remodel.

5. Remodel the Porch

Porches can add beauty and functionality to your home. Remodeling your porch can increase your outdoor living space and completely change the look of your home. Add porch lights to illuminate the front entrance and provide a safe environment for your family and friends. 

6. Replace the Windows

Windows have prominent features and add style to a home’s exterior. Unfortunately, small issues can lead to bigger problems like drafts and warping. Rather than repair old windows, consider a more cost-effective approach by replacing them.

7. Add a Sunroom

Add a sunroom to your home’s floor plan to enhance the exterior and interior. Large fixed windows allow natural light to enter the interior space and create a pleasing transition to the outdoor spaces. You can also consider adding window patterns to highlight the home’s architecture.

8. New Siding 

Your house’s siding can add color and definition. In addition to creating the perfect look, consider the material’s durability, water resistance, and versatility. These days, you can choose from multiple options, including vinyl, wood, and brick.

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