small bathroom remodel

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2022

small bathroom remodel

Tiny bathrooms always present unique design opportunities. They have low square footage, but they need the same amount of stuff: toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, and cabinets. On top of that, you need enough space to move comfortably.

During a small bathroom remodel, it’s easy to move the room around and achieve your objectives, but you need a contractor you can trust to do the job right.

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We see a lot of small rooms and bathrooms. Below are some things that will help your smaller bathroom look better and more spacious.

Keep the Design Simple

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when remodeling your bathroom. A more straightforward, minimal approach is often the best approach. Minimalism is trendy because it has a more modern feel.

You only include what you need with a minimalistic approach. When you design your bathroom, keeping this in mind will help you focus only on certain specific things to put in there. Don’t just focus on floor tiles; make your goal to use as  little space and keep the room as open as possible.

Use Bright Colors and Natural Light

Bright colors open up small spaces. They turn the dingiest, tiniest closets into more spacious, open rooms. While they look amazing in huge rooms, dark colors make small spaces feel constricted.

Natural light will open up any room, no matter how large. Installing bigger windows or a skylight in your bathroom will give the illusion that the room is much larger.

Install Frameless Shower Glass

Shower glass is one of the more expensive options for a small bathroom remodel, but it is one of the prettiest. Shower curtains and tile walls cut off sections of a room and make it feel small. Transparent, frameless glass provides the water protection of a shower curtain without limiting sightlines in the bathroom.

Make the transparent glass a different color if you want it to stand out. It will provide a pop to a room that is otherwise full of similar colors.

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors boost a smaller bathroom’s aesthetic by providing a reflection. They give the illusion of space, adding dimension to a room with none. They also reflect light, adding more lighting to a small room that may need it.

An antiqued mirror—a mirror with deliberate age spots—and mirrored tile will add texture and dimension to a wall. This extra dimension is excellent for tiny powder rooms!

Remove the Tub

Not every bathroom needs a soaking tub. If you have another one in your house, take one out of the remodeling bathroom. The extra space is great for a stand-up shower or closet space.

Limitless Opportunities for a Limited Space

For talented contractors, small bathrooms are canvases for them to work masterpieces. At Assurance Builders, we practice the art that turns bathrooms from closets to showrooms.

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