bathroom remodel budget

Factors to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel Budget

bathroom remodel budget

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting project; however, it can also be complicated. Aside from deciding on a new design, remodeling budgeting is one of the most important steps for any remodel project.

Assurance Builders, Inc., knows the importance of having a high-quality remodel that stays within budget. The average cost of a remodel for a mid-range bathroom in the US is around $20,000. In addition, about two-thirds of remodels go over budget.

The best way to stay within your bathroom remodel budget is to consider various factors. Our bathroom remodeling professionals in Tucson can help you design a remodeling plan that doesn’t break the bank.

First, consider the following factors.

Remember the Cost of Labor

One of the most common costs people forget to consider when devising a bathroom remodel budget is the cost of labor. Before starting your remodeling project, get different estimates from multiple general contractors. Keep in mind that a general contractor will also hire other subcontractors such as electricians and plumbers.

Hiring an electrician and a plumber tends to be the most expensive part of a bathroom remodeling project. For example, hiring a professional for electrical work can cost between $65 to $85 per hour, whereas hiring a plumber can cost between $45 and $65 every hour.

Understanding the various labor costs is crucial for organizing and staying within your remodeling budget.

Be Realistic

Being realistic about your bathroom remodel budget and objectives is crucial. Consider what you want to be done with your bathroom and stay realistic about how much it will cost. Updating a few fixtures is significantly less expensive than an entire bathroom remodel.

To get an accurate estimate, plan the scope of your bathroom remodel as early as possible.

Include Unexpected Costs

Most remodeling projects will go over budget due to unexpected costs. Planning for unexpected costs can give you a better chance of staying within budget and keeping your bank account happy.

When considering unexpected costs, plan for about a 30% overage.

Look at Different Costs of Materials

Part of having an updated bathroom is installing new materials like faucets, cabinets, and other items. Generally, contractors will charge a certain amount or percentage when you purchase materials from them. Buying materials yourself can save you money by avoiding commission costs.

However, there are certain materials that you should leave to the contractor. For example, drywall and insulation should come from a professional.

Professional Remodeling Services in Tucson

Assurance Builders, Inc., can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams, whether you want a whole new floor plan or a couple of replacements. We know that when it comes to planning a bathroom remodel, it can be challenging to know where to start. Luckily, our contractors are highly experienced and passionate about helping fellow Tucson residents remodel their homes. 

We strive to help you stay within your bathroom remodel budget while providing exceptional results. Call Assurance Builders, Inc., at (520) 546-9752 to contact a remodeling expert in Tucson, AZ.