bathroom remodel trends

8 Bathroom Remodel Trends to Consider in 2022

bathroom remodel trends

Are you looking to do some home remodeling in the New Year? Whether you plan to perform a complete renovation or just want to make a few upgrades, consider the most popular bathroom remodel trends of 2022. Get the inside scoop on bathroom remodeling in Tucson by Assurance Builders.

1. Two-in-One Shower and Bath

The two-in-one shower and bath combo has been reinvented and is trending in 2022. Instead of having a showerhead over the bathtub, homeowners opt to have both behind a glass divider. It’s the kind of bathroom remodel that offers the best of both worlds for those who prefer daily showers and occasional baths.

2. Twin Showerheads

If you like to shower with your partner, installing twin showerheads will be life-changing. In addition to being an eye-catching design, it increases functionality by allowing two people to wash simultaneously. It’s one of this year’s bathroom remodel trends that are affordable and practical.

3. Wet Rooms

Instead of dividing the bathroom into sections for the toilet and shower, homeowners are opting for wet rooms in 2022. These are fully tiled bathing rooms with draining capabilities and showerheads fixed to the walls or ceiling. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners who can’t add a shower or bath to their powder room due to spatial restrictions.

4. Matte Black Fixtures

In the past, brass and silver fixtures were popular interior design trends. These days, homeowners are more likely to opt for matte black fixtures. These include faucets, showerheads, doorknobs, large format tiles, and lighting elements.

5. Spa-Like Features

With people spending more time at home these days, spa-like features have become common bathroom remodel trends. Homeowners want to create a space of relaxation and calm, often renovating the room so it feels open, bright, and airy. In addition to aesthetic changes, spa-like bathrooms might include heated floors, whirlpool tubs, a steam shower, and heated towel racks.

6. Organic Elements

Part of the spa-like bathroom trend is using organic elements throughout your space. This design often includes wood-like or subway tiles for the floor or walls, white marble countertops, and potted plants. The color palette should be primarily white, with earthy tones used for accents.

7. Live Plants

Keeping houseplants and pampas grass in bathrooms aligns with the organic and spa-like trends of 2022. Not only will live plants help reduce stress and anxiety, but they will also help improve your home’s air quality. The trend ranges from adding one or two plant accents to opting for a full-blown biophilic design.

8. Stools and Benches

If you’re looking for affordable bathroom remodel trends, consider adding an accent stool or bench. Some homeowners combine this design idea with the live plant trend, using a stool to hold smaller potted plants. Others are going a different route by adding a makeup vanity bench or stool.

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